Patient Testimonials

"The staff is so nice and accommodating. My daughter is happy with her treatment and her teeth look great so far. Treatment is almost done." - Julia G. on 05/24/2017

"Smile Power Orthodontics always provides such amazing treatment and care for their clients. My daughter Sarah was so excited to get her braces on! She couldn't wait to go to school today to show her braces to her friends at school! Her experience at Smile Power Orthodontics was great!" - Sarah M. on 05/24/2017

"I would highly recommend Smile Power to anyone needing orthodontia care. My children and myself have been treated by Dr. Powers. The office runs efficiently, the staff are happy and friendly, you are rewarded for making the appointment, so many positives about Smile Power. Thank you for our beautiful teeth." - Nancy Q. on 05/22/2017

"As usual, staff is always great,helpful and committed to patients. Stephanie,front desk she is just amazing, helpful, professional and great asset to this great office .Dr.Powers is just one of a kind :) My daughter and I myself are both her patients and results are mind blowing. Thank you Dr.Powers for caring ,having a great team, all ladies and gentleman and office that provides beautiful and gorgeous smiles. Please continue to make many, many more patients happy just like us .Always grateful Danira and Martina:)" -Martina K. on 05/21/2017

"Very patient, friendly and efficient staff." - Jacob P. on 05/20/2017

"Efficient office staff, friendly environment, my kids love going. Dr.Powers is very professional." - Olivia W. on 05/17/2017

"They are the best!!" - Olivia V. on 05/17/2017

"Quick. Knowledgeable. Friendly!" - Mary K. on 05/14/2017

"Dr Powers and her office staff are an awesome group. I received Invisalign treatments from August to May. There are a lot of Orthodontist appointments but we made it all happen. I am now the proud owner of straight teeth. There are a lot of smiles and positive faces at Smile Power. Do it-get your Invisalign." - Nancy Q. on 05/13/2017

"I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the transformation of my teeth. As I told you, this was something I had wanted to get done for a lot of years. Now I can't wait for the last sets of braces to be done so I can get my teeth whitened!" – Adrian

"... Thank all of your for your encouragement and continued support through all of this. It was a difficult journey, but well worth it!" – Leslie

"... I really appreciate your incredible intelligence and diligence at seeing "the whole picture." It is a great honor to partner with you on some amazing ortho-restorative cases..." – Dr. M.

"You are so great to allow me to have a perfect smile. We have come a long way. My self-esteem will never be the same... Thank you so much for your endless giving. God Bless." – Dave M.

"Thank you for all you do for our family and our patients." – Dr. P.

"Thank you guys for being so accommodating! You are the best." – Raine

"Dr. Powers and staff... Thank you for giving me my smile back." – Lynette

"Although our relationship with your office has been relatively new, I am quite glad we have been referred to you. Your care has been very thorough, and your office staff very helpful and accommodating." – Christine P.

"Dr. Powers surely knows how to pick the most wonderful people to create more beautiful smiles on the inside as well as the outside! All of your exceptional kindness and warm, loving energy makes your group one in a million!" – Caree B.

Smile Power Orthodontics

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