Patient Testimonials

I went for second opinion, and Dr. Powers was extremely helpful. - Nancy D. on 01/26/2018

ALWAYS FRIENDLY EXPERIENCE - Anonymous on 01/19/2018

Dr. Powers is the bomb. Easy with my kid and I appreciate her manner with her staff, always trying to teach them the “hows” and “whys” of what she does. In a lot of years of seeing a lot of doctors and dentists for me and my family, she's really one of the best. - Anonymous on 01/19/2018

Dr. Powers and her staff were outstanding in every way. Dr. Powers is not only a very skilled orthodontist, judging from my results, but also an excellent business woman (my background is in finance and accounting). I met one of her staff, coincidentally, in another setting and it was clear her staff enjoy working for her. Dr. Powers provides them with good benefits. This makes her practice efficient and benefits her clients. I chose to pay for her services in advance to avoid finance charges and there were time limits in her written agreement. I had other medical issues that extended the time of my treatment and yet I was never asked for additional amounts. I give Smile Power my most enthusiastic recommendation! - Jack C. on 01/16/2018

My son loves Dr. Powers - Daniel M. on 01/16/2018

Very professional and always helpful. - Anonymous on 01/10/2018

Everyone on staff at Powers Ortho are top notch. Dr Powers is the Go-To for any of your Ortho needs! - Kanye M. on 01/02/2018

Efficient and professional. My child never minds going to the orthodontist. - Anonymous on 12/24/2017

Great! - Olivia V. on 12/22/2017

We always receive excellent service at Smile Power Orthodontics. - Anonymous on 12/11/2017

We love Dr. Powers' office! Always easy to work with and kind to patients. - Anonymous on 11/17/2017

This is a new relationship for us, but off to a phenomenal start! So helpful on billing arrangements and unbelievably patient with a very anxious kiddo. Thank you so much! - Anonymous on 11/15/2017

The people were so nice and wonderful! And I could tell it was the right place to take my child! - Anonymous on 11/10/2017

You all are fantastic!! - Gabriella R. on 11/07/2017

Always the best ‘ Dr Power and her staff are just beyond of greatness. Everything went smooth with my treatment . My both daughters are patients of Dr. Power too .Exelemte , knowledgeable and friendly. I’m not just pleased with my results I’m blown away. Keep making all your patients happy for many years . Thank you for everything - Martina K. on 11/03/2017

Friendly & professional and my teeth look great! - Gabriella A. on 11/02/2017

Another great appointment for my daughter with friendly knowledgeable staff ! - Makayla G. on 11/02/2017

Enjoyed the effective communication - Adaliah B. on 11/02/2017

Dr. Powers and the entire crew are great! Friendly, informative and down to earth. You can see they really enjoy working with the patients and each other. - Riley F. on 10/27/2017

I love Dr. Powers. She is so welcoming. - Ethan P. on 10/25/2017

Wonderful care for my daughter! - Makayla G. on 10/25/2017

Always great service! Sometimes there’s a delay but that’s normal with any doctor’s office where the doctor actually spends time listening to patients and their unexpected issues. - Alisa P. on 10/19/2017

Always a great experience at Dr. Powers's office. She and her staff are very warm and caring. :) - Michelle H. on 10/11/2017

Staff is kind and gentle. Dr. Powers is very gentle in her approach and works well with youth. - Anonymous on 10/11/2017

Everyone at Smile Power was so kind! I felt that Dr Powers genuinely cared about my daughter and wanted to find the best way to correct issues with her teeth. I appreciate how thorough they were with the exam and explaining our options. We look forward to starting her treatment! - Emma E. on 09/29/2017

Excellent services:) - Rae J. A. on 09/29/2017

Dr. Powers and her staff are professional and wonderful. - Anonymous on 09/28/2017

Staff is always friendly and helpful. Always a pleasant experience. Everyone very helpful. - Paula Y. on 09/27/2017

good and friendly service - Anonymous on 09/27/2017

Wait time to be seen was significantly longer than usual but everyone was very nice and I love the office! - Xavia Hendrickson on 09/21/2017

Aleays kind, and efficient. - Paula Y. on 09/15/2017

We love Smile Power because of Dr. Power's fantastic communication and professional skills. The staff is also superior, helpful, caring and kind! - Gabriella R. on 09/13/2017

Love Doctor Powers. She is amazing, very friendly fast and always cutting edge with technology. - Madison H. on 09/13/2017

Friendly and professional environment. - Olivia W. on 09/12/2017

My girls and I always enjoy our experience at Smile Power. The staff is friendly and efficient. They make my daughters feel comfortable and I am informed in such a way that I have complete faith in the recommended process for each of my girls. - Hana M. on 09/07/2017

Kind and caring Doctor Powers along with super pleasant staff at Smile Power Orthodontics have made our experience wonderful. We highly recommend Doctor Powers for your orthodontics needs. You'll be sure to walk away with a smile :-) - Leila O. on 09/07/2017

We love everything about this place! Top notch! So friendly! - Nolan R. on 09/07/2017

I'm an adult who needed some ortho work ahead of getting a couple of implants. The Dr. Powers and her staff are straightforward folks who get it done with no guilt and no b.s. - Anonymous on 09/07/2017

Dr. Powers is amazing. Very professional, always takes the time to explain things is and is up to date on all current technology. Her staff is very helpful friendly and organized and always gets us in if we have a problem. Both my kids are in treatment with Dr. Powers and I am very pleased with the results so far. - John V. on 09/03/2017

Awesome people quality results - Lynette B. on 09/02/2017

Love Smile Power Orthodontics. Found them on yelp. Love Dr. Powers and her team, and she has the best prices around. Awesome service. - Anonymous on 09/02/2017

Dr Powers is amazing at putting children at ease with their anxiety and fears about their braces! Consistently this staff have worked at making this experience as positive as possible for our children. - Anonymous on 08/29/2017

Dr. Powers is amazing, she always makes all our kids feel at ease and comfortable when we have visits. She always has a positive attitude and makes sure kids' experience at her clinic is amazing. Her staff is very friendly and welcoming, and you feel to be taken care of. - Marina M. on 08/29/2017

The staff is always so kind, friendly and as accommodating as they can be. Dr. Powers is very thorough and good at explaining what is going on and showing the kids what she is looking at when explaining the procedure. My daughter is very happy with her experience there. - Julia G. on 08/25/2017

I love seeing the same Ortho that I saw 20 years ago. The office is so pleasant and staff is well-educated and professional. - Kylee K. on 08/22/2017

My daughter just got braces off! The staff are always very sensitive to her needs and know how to respond to her 9 year old fears and questions! - Anonymous on 08/22/2017

Doctor Powers and the entire staff are always very friendly, helpful and accommodating. We enjoy each visit that we have there. - Anonymous on 08/22/2017

Timely and courteous - Wilfred D. on 08/16/2017

Per my daughter: They make you feel confident that you will be ok. - Gabriella R. on 08/10/2017

My daughter always gets great care from Dr. Powers and her team! - Anonymous on 08/10/2017

Dr. Powers is very meticulous and takes her time with you in the chair. She always has a big smile when she greets you - Debra C. on 08/10/2017

Great visit. Staff always so positive - Paula Y. on 08/04/2017

Too many phone calls I received 2 to 3 calls a day. As did my daughter. ALL about the same issue. 2 to 3 to her and 2 to 3 to me IN ONE DAY - Victoria R. on 08/04/2017

Thanks for a wonderful experience! You are well organized and everyone is there is very pleasant. - Anonymous on 08/02/2017

The service provided by Dr. Powers and her team is always very professional. They take care of you and explained your treatment and options that you have. - Anonymous on 07/31/2017

My visit exceeded my expectations. The staff was very friendly, professional and focused on me once it was my turn for service. The office setting is very upbeat and modern. It is great to see a Wife and Husband working together in an office seating. - Sargeant Matt F. on 07/25/2017

This a very pleasant place to visit as the staff and doctor are cheerful even as they take care of business so that you can be expeditiously on your way. I was able to make an appointment quickly. Once there, I was given good attention, and updated on hygiene and maintenance tips. Dr. Powers made some helpful adjustments to my retainers and referred me to my dentist for some other work. There are always free water and healthy snacks, and sometimes, more free stuff like a travel toothbrush and retractable phone stand--fun! - by Anonymous on 07/22/2017

I love every time I'm at Dr. Power's office I am greeted with a smile! The staff is incredibly helpful and friendly! I feel that I am listened to and am provided clear and precise recommendations and explanations! - by Ellen B. on 07/18/2017

Nice people and great care - by Anonymous on 07/17/201

Our first visit and we were delighted with Dr. Powers and her team. - by Marley A. on 07/13/2017

Great visit as always. - by Paula Y. on 07/02/2017

Smile Power has provided an excellent experience for both my children. I have recommended Dr. Powers to everyone I know with confidence. She is the absolute best! I have referred many, many friends to Smile Power and will continue to do so! - Alexandra M. on 07/02/2017

Staff and Orthodontist always professional and good at dealing with a temperamental child!! Very patient at explaining issues/recommendations to both parent and child. - Anonymous on 07/01/2017

Great friendly helpful staff awesome doctor so happy I came here! - Jazmen G. on 06/30/2017

Very nice and friendly office staff, Especially Ken. The staff explained very of the process. - Sergeant Matt F. on 06/29/2017

Always great to see Dr. Powers a d the staff. - Jordan T. on 06/28/2017

wonderful staff and a great experience as always! - Anonymous on 06/28/2017

Always friendly - Anastasia S. on 06/27/2017

Fabulous staff. Made me feel completely at ease regarding her treatment. - Emily F. on 06/23/2017

"I could not have asked for a better experience! From the moment I made the first call to the confirmation communication, arrival, intake, consultation, and check out, I was treated with the utmost professionalism, kindness, and respect. I would love to continue working with Dr. Powers and her incredible staff. The first person I spoke to was Sara. She was cheerful, attentive, and knowledgeable. She answered my endless questions politely, efficiently and with genuine concern. It was a pleasure seeing her smiling face when I arrived in the office. She gave me a tour of the office, reviewed all the forms with me, took the pictures, discussed all the details of Invisalign, and had everything ready to go for Dr. Powers' consultation. Sara carried me through from beginning to end. When I regretfully finished my 7:40am appointment she quickly called the next client. Her cheerful disposition was present in every interaction with me and with everyone else. Dr. Powers could not have been more pleasant to work with. She is in high demand but it doesn't alter her ability to focus on what is in front of her. She is fully present with each of her patients, when she is with you she is fully with you. Her extensive experience, knowledge, and ability to transfer it is clear, thorough, and done with genuine sincerity and a calming energy. Dr. Powers was recommended to me by my lifelong family dentist and dear friend. I saw her over 10 years ago for an Invisalign consultation that I was unable to follow through with at the time. After redoing all my research I found my way back to her again. Little did I know she was THE expert in the field. She worked with the development of the procedure at Stanford and has been practicing it since its inception. I would be confidant in doing any orthodontic treatment with her. There is no price on trust and I implicitly trust her. Unfortunately, although they were more than accommodating with my unique situation, I am currently unable to start treatment with her. I am moving to Africa next month and will be unable to return on a regular basis for check-ups and progress. It is with a heavy heart that I must do Invisalign with someone else. Can I please still see you when I come to visit?!?! Smile Power Orthodontics is gem with the most appropriate name possible. They do everything with a smile, bring a smile to your face, and empower all parties involved in the process. I wouldn't change absolutely anything and I couldn't recommend them any more highly. Rest assured you are in good hands." - Sofia V. on 06/17/2017

"It was fine except the toddler sippy cup we left around 4:00 was thrown away that day. I had left a message that night but no one returned my call so when I followed up the next day, Stephanie had told me that. Disappointed that happened." - Mika G. on 06/16/2017

"Very pleasant and kind person. Makes us feel welcome and comfortable." - Alessio P. on 06/15/2017

"Dr. Powers and her staff are amazing!! My 8-year-old son had a really hard time at the orthodontist last week (he was nervous and upset the procedure that needed to be done), but Dr. Powers, Sara, and Elena were phenomenal! They were so kind, patient, and helpful - doing everything they could to help my son feel comfortable. The office was also very organized and professional. I'm super impressed!" - Oren G. on 06/12/2017

"Superior service!!!
A true joy!" - Rae J. A. on 06/09/2017

"Excellent" - Tammit W. on 06/08/2017

"TA fine experience and they do well to take care of the teeth." - Anonymous on 06/04/2017

"Very professional and answered all questions and both parent and child's concerns." - Anonymous on 06/04/2017

"I highly recommend Dr. Powers because of the excellent care from day one to the end of my Invisalign treatment. She's friendly, smart and her dental assistants, staff are very customer service oriented. I completed my treatment less than one year and everyone notices the wonderful result with my teeth and smile. Thank you Dr. Powers and team! " - Nadyne O. on 06/03/2017

"Smile Power does an amazing job - great staff and Dr Powers is the best!" - Alexandra M. on 06/03/2017

"Very professional." - Chiu-Hsiang C. on 06/03/2017

"Helpful and knowledgeable staff" - Chiu-Hsiang C. on 06/03/2017

"As always, very prompt, courteous, friendly and professional." - George Z. on 06/02/2017

"Love The whole staff at Smile Power." - Gabriella R. on 06/02/2017

"staff is ALWAYS super friendly, helpful, and accommodating! and we love the snacks!" - Penelope G. on 05/26/2017

"Carefully explained the treatment my daughter would be receiving in a professional and friendly manner." - Anonymous on 05/24/2017

"The staff is so nice and accommodating. My daughter is happy with her treatment and her teeth look great so far. Treatment is almost done." - Julia G. on 05/24/2017

"Smile Power Orthodontics always provides such amazing treatment and care for their clients. My daughter Sarah was so excited to get her braces on! She couldn't wait to go to school today to show her braces to her friends at school! Her experience at Smile Power Orthodontics was great!" - Sarah M. on 05/24/2017

"I would highly recommend Smile Power to anyone needing orthodontia care. My children and myself have been treated by Dr. Powers. The office runs efficiently, the staff are happy and friendly, you are rewarded for making the appointment, so many positives about Smile Power. Thank you for our beautiful teeth." - Nancy Q. on 05/22/2017

"As usual, staff is always great,helpful and committed to patients. Stephanie,front desk she is just amazing, helpful, professional and great asset to this great office .Dr.Powers is just one of a kind :) My daughter and I myself are both her patients and results are mind blowing. Thank you Dr.Powers for caring ,having a great team, all ladies and gentleman and office that provides beautiful and gorgeous smiles. Please continue to make many, many more patients happy just like us .Always grateful Danira and Martina:)" -Martina K. on 05/21/2017

"Very patient, friendly and efficient staff." - Jacob P. on 05/20/2017

"Efficient office staff, friendly environment, my kids love going. Dr.Powers is very professional." - Olivia W. on 05/17/2017

"They are the best!!" - Olivia V. on 05/17/2017

"Quick. Knowledgeable. Friendly!" - Mary K. on 05/14/2017

"Dr Powers and her office staff are an awesome group. I received Invisalign treatments from August to May. There are a lot of Orthodontist appointments but we made it all happen. I am now the proud owner of straight teeth. There are a lot of smiles and positive faces at Smile Power. Do it-get your Invisalign." - Nancy Q. on 05/13/2017

"I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the transformation of my teeth. As I told you, this was something I had wanted to get done for a lot of years. Now I can't wait for the last sets of braces to be done so I can get my teeth whitened!" – Adrian

"... Thank all of your for your encouragement and continued support through all of this. It was a difficult journey, but well worth it!" – Leslie

"... I really appreciate your incredible intelligence and diligence at seeing "the whole picture." It is a great honor to partner with you on some amazing ortho-restorative cases..." – Dr. M.

"You are so great to allow me to have a perfect smile. We have come a long way. My self-esteem will never be the same... Thank you so much for your endless giving. God Bless." – Dave M.

"Thank you for all you do for our family and our patients." – Dr. P.

"Thank you guys for being so accommodating! You are the best." – Raine

"Dr. Powers and staff... Thank you for giving me my smile back." – Lynette

"Although our relationship with your office has been relatively new, I am quite glad we have been referred to you. Your care has been very thorough, and your office staff very helpful and accommodating." – Christine P.

"Dr. Powers surely knows how to pick the most wonderful people to create more beautiful smiles on the inside as well as the outside! All of your exceptional kindness and warm, loving energy makes your group one in a million!" – Caree B.

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