Patient Testimonials

I always enjoy my monthly visits to Smile Power office. The staff is very knowledgeable, and always eager to answer any questions and to support in the most challenging times of wearing braces. Seeing Dr. Power is absolutely a pleasure, socially and as a patient. Dr. Power has established an atmosphere of top notch professionalism, efficiency, friendliness and confidence in her clinic. Like every patient in the Smile Power Ortho, I feel in the center of attention from the minute I walk in the clinic. Thank you! - Marina P. on 06/22/2023

Helpful and friendly staff!! - Anonymous on 06/22/2023

Kelly was wonderful with my son. She was knowledgeable and answered all of my questions patiently. Dr Solem took his time with his explanations of treatment even though I know he was very busy. Overall a great first experience! - Everett B. on 06/15/2023

Amazing people! - Zafina A. on 06/10/2023

They were very kind and friendly, to the point but answered all of mine and my daughters questions. - Riley P. on 06/08/2023

Jackson was nervous but did great with Dr. Solem and Dr. Powers. Thank you Smile Power Team. - Jackson G. on 06/06/2023

Welcoming place, great dental treatment. - Laurine C. on 05/16/2023

Friendly Staff. Very informative. Clean office. - Jackson H. on 03/10/2023

Thank you. Excellent as always!!!!! - Sandi F. on 02/24/2023

Always great service at Smile Power :) - Goli M. on 01/17/2023

Smile Power Orthodontics is best in class! Friendly, professional staff that knows and cares about their patients and provides excellent orthodontic outcomes! Beautiful office as well! - Diane P. on 01/12/2023

Lovely office space, great staff, very (kid & adult) friendly, took their time & explained everything thoroughly. Reasonable charges & treatment plan. - Anonymous on 01/11/2023

We have always had great experiences with Dr. Powers and her team. Several retainers have need repairs and replacements and they are always so kind and helpful without making us feel bad that we once again misplaced/broke something. Thanks team!! - Otto F. on 01/10/2023

I was impressed with their professional office space as well as their staff who answered my questions intelligently. I am still considering my options at this point - Lynda S. on 12/22/2022

I'm always handled with care at Smile Power Orthodontics. My results are great as well. - Clarise B. on 12/01/2022

I gave 4/5 starts for Smile Power Orthodontics because the front desk staff were very polite when I called over the phone and when I first entered the building for my appointment, Dr. Powers and her staff were very knowledgeable about my specific situation, and the office space was hands down a beautiful place to see! They lost a star because the cost of the office visit, retainer replacements, and removal of permanent retainer is very pricey. I was told to expect a 45 minute consultation, but it was only a 15 minute consultation for the office visit price of $80. I would've liked to get more answers about my orthodontic and jaw problems. I also feel like the office could've done more to welcome new patients. - Anonymous on 10/26/2022

Our daughter looks forward to her visit and leaves so proud of her accomplishments with her stages of work being done. She can’t wait to use her orthobucks for her earned prize soon. Thank you Smile Power Orthodontics! - Aubrey L. on 10/19/2022

We just absolutely love how Dr. Powers and her awesome team has helped my children develop fantastic smiles that will last forever. This will also allow for the few remaining adult teeth to fall into place, and better dental hygiene now that their teeth are no longer crowded. - Atticus J. on 09/27/2022

Efficient, attentive, diligent! - Marina P. on 08/25/2022

always an amazing environment! - Nevaeh W. on 08/19/2022

excellent , friendly environment - Katrina C. on 07/30/2022

The whole office is just lovely. Nobody likes paying for orthodontia, but they make a lovely environment and they are very good about communicating, scheduling and flexibly - Ezra H. on 07/22/2022

Great service! Super friendly and very knowledgeable and competent staff. - Jen F. on 07/14/2022

So far so good, made me feel very comfortable about the plan of action. I"m excited to get started. - Terrence H. on 07/12/2022

I’m happy with result. Kudos to Dr Powers and staff. - Jericho R. on 07/11/2022

A little pricey for a service I will need to get done but the staff was very kind and helpful and knowledgeable. - Anonymous on 06/28/2022

Professional, knowledgeable, and friendly staff! - Lea S. on 06/10/2022

Excellent welcome and office visit. I am generally skeptical of things that are wrapped up so nicely but the staff and Dr. Powers were both incredibly at ease and welcoming without being overboard. Staff seems happy to work there and long term which says a lot. Enjoyed my single office visit (for a broken wire from childhood ortho now an adult) so much that I may switch to Dr. Powers for my last two kids. The first three kids have been with a local ortho but his staff has gotten to be too much. Passive aggressive with appointments and generally prickly. No one needs that in 2022 especially two more times. - Anonymous on 06/09/2022

Welcoming and positive environment! Staff and Dr. Powers made my daughter feel less anxious and at ease with the process. Wonderful experience. - Aubrey L, 06/07/2022

We needed a last minute appointment and they were able to get us in and take care of it. The staff is so friendly and helpful. - Anonymous on 06/03/2022

My experience at Smile Power Orthodontics has been excellent. Dr. Powers and staff are professional, friendly and caring. I am always greeted by my name at check-in and they have always been on time with my scheduled appointment. I appreciate that they explain my treatment plan at every step. - Anonymous on 05/10/2022

Very professional, extremely courteous and customer service orientated...Dr. Powers is great! - Anonymous on 04/21/2022

Dr. Powers and her staff were amazing! From the moment I entered their lovely new office, they were friendly, welcoming, professional, and efficient. Every step of the process of using Invisalign was explained, I felt comfortable asking questions, and giving feedback. Dr. Powers truly cared about helping me feel great about my smile, and went beyond just straightening my teeth, doing some cosmetic shaping of my teeth to ensure they looked beautiful. She even took care to help me have a photo-ready smile when I had a vacation planned at the end of my Invisalign treatment by ensuring I could have the attachments removed before I left on my trip. Thank you Dr. Powers and team! - Kimberly Powers on 04/15/2022

Very friendly staff. We are always well informed of the progress and next steps. - Anonymous on 04/15/2022

Such a great experience, the staff are super helpful and friendly and the office is beautiful - Anonymous on 04/12/2022

Excellent patient experience before you walk in the door to finishing the appointment. Scheduling staff are friendly, easy to work with, and do not give up on you until their job is done to 100% perfection. When you leave, documents are neatly printed in hand as to treatment plan, cost, etc. They leave no stones unturned which is much appreciated! - Anonymous on 03/16/2022

They are so amazing. The staff is polite and friendly. Dr. Powers always remembers every patient and listens. You can’t fake genuine care for all their clients. - Brooklyn C. on 03/16/2022

Friendly and professional. - David C. on 03/02/2022

Super efficient and professional group of people! - Hazel M. on 03/02/2022

Staff is very friendly and professional. They also are very efficient and are focused on you as a patient when they see you. - Kim C. on 03/01/2022

So glad to have found this Ortho practice-- what an excellent Doctor and team! Keep up the great work! - Anonymous on 02/08/2022

More than double what I was quoted on the phone.. Friendly informative staff. Food experience.- Amy B. on 01/27/2022

fast and friendly staff, so far so good :) - Romtin P. on 01/18/2022

Very thorough. - Brendan C. on 01/18/2022

I have had a great experience at Smile Power Orthodontics throughout my 18 months of braces. They have a great team of people and provide excellent care! - Owen O. on 11/26/2021

Outstanding, thorough care! - Anonymous on 11/25/2021

Review for Smile Power Orthodontics The BEST Orthodontic practice in existence. Dr. Powers has transformed my braces treatment experience into one that I love, and am excited about. I started off with a different practice, and am so glad the clouds parted for Dr. Powers and team to save the day. I can see the incredible difference from my original teeth to where they’re at now. I am a 35 year old woman who never had braces before. I am seeking as close to perfect of a midline as possible and for once, smile without any insecurities! Dr. Powers and her amazing team are making that a reality! So glad I’m a patient here! - Anonymous on 11/17/2021

Progressive orthodontics and very professionally run as well as friendly staff. - Palmer J. on 11/09/2021

So organized, communicative and professional! In and out quickly like always! The staff is amazing! Would recommend them to anyone of any age! - Anonymous on 10/12/2021

Terrific customer service and attention to details. - Anonymous on 10/12/2021

Very nice and professional operation. - Suren K. on 10/07/2021

Super friendly staff and exceptionally professional. - Chris P. on 10/05/2021

I have never felt so comfortable at a dentist office as I do here at Smile, I’m on older patient getting braces and they have made me feel so excited for my new smile! Dr. Powers is so kind and informative, Alexis made me feel comfortable and answered all of my questions. The office is open and spacious, clean and friendly. I couldn’t have asked for a better place to fix my smile. -Antonella R. on 10/05/2021

At 47, got braces for my lowers and Invisalign for my uppers ahead of a needed implant. She could not have been more delightful to work with. She now is working with my daughter and it's been pretty smooth sailing. My 13-year old daughter has a hard time with her doctor and her dentist, but the staff -- and Dr Powers -- have made this the least hard of the three. Worth every nickel. - Andrew L. on 3/9/2021

Dr Powers has run her office for 25+ years with efficiency and warmth. With her new office she has taken it to the next level. I have returned to her for my own orthodontic needs after utilizing her care for my 3, know grown kids. I would very much recommend her to anyone young or a bit older needing to address orthodontic needs. - Kathleen R. on 3/5/2021

I am not a patient of Dr. Power, but a general dentist who had the pleasure of meeting the Dr. a few weeks ago at her state-of-the-art clinic. Dr. Power not only showed me her practice (which is a statement of her vision and dedication to her patients) but also showed me how she incorporates the latest technology in the care of her patients. Although my visit to her practice was meant to just meet her, I didn’t expect it to turn into a learning experience. Although my practice is in San Jose, I will for sure refer my patients who need orthodontic treatment and live in the Walnut Creek region. - Edgar V. on 2/19/21

The staff is so incredibly friendly that my daughter enjoys coming. I am happy to have my daughter in such good hands. - Anonymous on 02/25/2021

The most friendly, high-tech, enjoyable doctor's visit I've ever had. - Anonymous on 02/23/2021

We have always had great experiences at Smile Powers. Great knowledgeable staff, beautiful office. - Lincoln A. on 02/11/2021

They were very helpful in pointing me in the right direction. - David C. on 02/09/2021

Great Experience! I put "8" as recommendation b/c it was only an initial appointment, but office staff was helpful & super pleasant. Dr. Powers was informative & answered all my questions. - Anonymous on 01/16/2021

Dr. Powers exam was very enlightning and thorough. She has good interpersonal skills. - Gregg C. on 01/13/2021

My daughter was disappointed that she got bright pink instead of light pink after the guy repeated twice that she wanted the light pink. - Mika G. on 01/13/2021

My son has broken wires on his braces several times and they are always more than accommodating in getting him in to get a repair. - Lazlo F. on 01/12/2021

I love this office -- using them for my second child. This one visit was a bit of a bummer as we were there in December and instead of rescheduling for six months, they did for 6 weeks and it was a big waste of time. They did give me a Starbucks card (and said it was their error), but hoping I don't get billed for both? This is very unusual for them - chalk it up to end of 2020... - Max T. 01/07/2021

Dr. Powers runs a dedicated and efficient office. The entire office is COVID-19 compliant. I never wait more than a few minutes to be seated in the exam chair. I always feel safe and extremely well cared for. I have the upmost confidence in Dr. Powers and her office. - Melanie S. on 01/05/2021

Very great job and staff. Highly recommend. - Lee S. on 01/05/2021

Great service. - Owen O. on 12/29/2020

Everyone is so professional, kind and communicates instructions clearly! Love dr powers gentle touch and amazing knowledge and expertise! - Teresa P. on 12/23/2020

They are so nice and helpful. They even crammed me into their busy holiday schedule to address my issue. Dr Powers is just awesome! - Kevin G. on 12/18/2020

amazing service and the staff are so kind! - Natalia V. on 12/17/2020

I highly recommend seeing Dr. Powers and her staff regarding ortho treatment. Everything was amazing from start to finish and her staff from assistants to front desk are equally amazing. My teeth look beyond anything I could have ever expected and I still get compliments on my teeth 5+ months after getting my braces removed. There’s no better place for ortho treatment than Smile Power Orthodontics. - Adrijana K. on 12/17/2020

The staff at Smile Power are always helpful, professional and friendly! - Anonymous on 12/16/2020

Dr. Powers and her team are always welcoming and well prepared. Dr. Powers worked hard on my treatment plan and was very ready and willing to hear my feedback so we could choose the best course of action for my smile. I cannot wait to continue my care in her excellent hands. - Annelise E. on 12/15/2020

The team is very professional and knowledgeable, very patient when explaining and addressing our concerns. - Anonymous on 12/15/2020

The new office looks great and makes it easy to social distance. - Tyler B. on 09/24/2020

Location, Staff, Availability, Dr. Powers, All A++++++ - Debra C. on 09/03/2020

This is a great ortho office. I work in a general dental office and I consider Dr. Powers to be an excellent orthodontist! - Owen Y. on 08/20/2020

Awesome service as always. - Allison S. on 08/06/2020

This is a great ortho office. I work in a general dental office and I consider Dr. Powers to be an excellent orthodontist! - Owen Y. on 08/20/2020

Awesome service as always - Allison S. on 08/06/2020

Staff was incredibly friendly, warm and kind to me and my kiddos during our initial consultation. Really loved Dr.Powers - great demeanor, clearly knowledgeable and an expert in her field - and my 2 children both commented on how nice everyone was as soon as we left our appointment. Very thorough consultation and explanation of treatment, great images and x-rays that showed the areas of concern. - Anonymous on 01/16/2020

Great place! Only issue - that dang sign-in computer has only worked once for us out of the three times we've been there. :) - Gio S. on 01/16/2020

The appointment was longer than originally scheduled. Go Navy, Beat Army!! - Anonymous on 01/13/2020

Dr. Powers and staff was able to help calm my daughter's fears. Dr. Powers was able to explain treatment in detail. - Anonymous on 01/12/2020

Dr. Powers and staff made me and my son feel very comfortable in the office. Dr. Powers was able to explain the treatment details with me. - Anonymous on 01/12/2020

Amazing office. I love Dr. Powers and all the staff. My best decision was going to Smile Powers Ortho for my braces! To top it all off, my teeth look AMAZING. I am very happy with the results. If you need your braces or invisalign done, I highly suggest visiting Dr. Powers office. - Adrijana K. on 01/10/2020

Smile Powers Orthodontics is super organized and efficient. The staff is friendly and welcoming. They do a great job, and are communicative with patients and parents about what we can do to keep the progress going. They also have the latest tools and equipment to make it the experience as comfortable as possible for their patients. We've been very happy with them. - Zane W. on 01/04/2020

The staff is fantastic, Dr. Powers is forwarding thinking and passionate about what she does. Very happy here! - Davis G. on 01/03/2020

Staff, doctor all are super, very grateful - Elise G. on 11/15/2019

Good service. Pleasant front office. - Grace P. on 11/07/2019

Dr Powers and her staff are very personable and detailed oriented. - Rebecca S. on 11/06/2019

Great orthodontist, great office and great, great staff!!I would highly recommend Smile Power Orthodontist. - Joan D. on 11/04/2019

Your staff are fantastic...friendly, competent, accommodating. - Anonymous on 11/02/2019

Excellent!!!! - Mason T. on 10/26/2019

A 30 minute appt. took over an hour. Confident in the knowledge. Hit or miss if appt will be on time...although in fairness, they are good with squeezing us in when we are late to our appt. - Sophia S. on 10/25/2019

I've been very pleased with the level of care my kids have received from Smile Power Orthodontics. - Jack L. on 10/24/2019

Everyone is so nice and helpful. I appreciate the extra time they take to explain everything to you. - Naomi O. on 10/22/2019

Dr. Powers and her staff are very friendly and helpful. It is easy to get an appointment and they are on time. - Paula O. on 10/04/2019

As always, Chris is patient and kind. He does a great job answering questions and giving instructions. - Anonymous on 09/20/2019

Took a very long time to been seen, waited nearly 30 minutes when I was on time - Tyler P. on 09/10/2019

Very personable, always takes the time to explain everything they are doing in detail . I highly recommend smile Power!!!!! - Tyler F. on 08/23/2019

Smile power staff were very friendly and very knowledgeable. They made us feel like family - Donovan S. on 08/22/2019

Great! - Anonymous on 08/22/2019

Always impressed!!! - Anonymous on 08/20/2019

excelente. me explicaron el tratamiento con muchos detalles. el personal muy amable. thank you - Anonymous on 08/20/2019

Fantastic office and staff! - Anonymous on 07/26/2019

Dr. Powers and her team could not have been more professional or made myself or our son feel comfortable with his treatment plan. I would absolutely send family and friends to her in the future! - Anonymous on 06/18/2019

Dr. Powers and her team could not have been more professional or made myself or our son feel comfortable with his treatment plan. I would absolutely send family and friends to her in the future! -Wyatt R. on 06/18/2019

I was very impressed with the entire office! From the phone calls leading up to the appointment, to our initial intake with Sarah, to our time with Dr. Powers, everyone was extremely professional and helpful. I really appreciated Dr. Powers advising us to contact Kaiser to learn more about jaw surgery. It was great that she looked at the big picture, and not what would have been the fastest and most lucrative for her. - Thomas T. on 6/13/2019

Everyone is very friendly and very helpful - Paula O. on 06/12/2019

Great bedside manners, very patient and caring! - Anonymous on 05/29/2019

Wonderful team at Dr. Power's. On time, friendly and the way to go.- Andre R. on 05/16/2019

Great staff and experience! Highly recommend - Anonymous on 05/06/2019

I love how organized Smile Power Orthodontics is, and how Dr. Powers explains everything clearly. Overall, a wonderful experience.- Chase H. on 04/24/2019

I was so happy with the overall process, everyone was so friendly and made my son and I both feel so welcome. We were not rushed through the process and even though he had many questions they spent the time talking through it all with him. Such a great experience at this office. - Anonymous on 04/18/2019

On-time, friendly service.- Anonymous on 04/16/2019

Left a VM at 9pm and I was called back first thing the next morning and they fit my son in that day, it was so convenient.- Peyton S. on 03/29/2019

Everyone is amazing at Dr. Powers office. Dr. Powers is the best. - Anonymous on 03/21/2019

Always a great experience with awesome staff - Sydney F. on 03/16/2019

Dr. Powers and her staff are wonderful! They are thorough in answering our questions and make the process of getting braces a positive experience. - Luke C. on 02/27/2019

We love Smile Power Orthodontics! - Anonymous on 02/24/2019

Dr.Powers and her staff are exceptional and very caring! - Gabriella R. on 02/19/2019

Everyone at the office was extremely friendly and I felt welcome. Dr. Powers was thorough in her explanation of what steps I needed to take in my treatment and why, including a step by step plan to get the process started that did not involve surgery. I sincerely appreciate this considering this is the first and only option other doctors have given me. I feel optimistic for the first time. Thank you! - Katelynn V. on 02/05/2019

So prefrofessional, clean, open environment, friendly staff, amazing appointment reminder system - Milo M. on 02/02/2019

Very professional, painless, & quick! - Cecilia E. on 01/30/2019

Staff is always friendly and professional. Dr.Powers took the time to give me a personal update on my son's progress. - Xander S. on 01/24/2019

great place great people John V. on 01/16/2019

This is my forever orthodontic home. I love all staff and Dr. Powers is truly a passionate expert in her field. She is constantly improving and updating her education and it shows. I am wearing my mouth guard as I type this haha! My future children will be a part of this ortho family if their teeth need it. I would not be able to go anywhere else. - Kylee K. on 01/13/2019

Good visit as always - friendly and efficient staff. - Anonymous on 01/10/2019

Dr. Powers and her staff are excellent! She is truly dedicated to her patients' full dental health, as many underlying issues can get in the way of proper treatment. I like that she asked about sleep apnea, and she is able to detect any underlying issues that might impact full treatment. - Lili L. on 01/10/2019

Dr. Powers and her staff are great! Friendly, knowledgeable, and efficient. - Judy F. on 01/04/2019

I have been very pleased with the staff & dr powers. I am an adult Invisalign patient. Would definitely recommend a consult if you are thinking about it. Dr powers is smart & approachable & her staff is GREAT! - Anonymous on 01/04/2019

From the moment you walk in the office, you are greeted with a friendly receptionist. There are plenty of seats in the waiting area and many toys for children to be distracted with. This office even has a Galaga Arcade system. Way to step it up guys. You are taken in the back where there are about 6 dental chairs without a partition which gives you a community type of vibe (just like sitting at a huge table at a restaurant and you're sharing the same eating space with them). There is one tv that always plays Disney/Pixar movies, from Lion King to Rio while you wait for your turn to get examined by the tech or Dr.Powers. Overall the time spent at the orthodontist isn't too bad since you've got a comfortable and friendly environment to spend time in. - Melissa B. on 01/03/2019

They explained my options very clearly and made recommendations from which I could make a decision. - Anonymous on 12/22/2018

Dr power is good doctor but my son lost lots of time from school for two years because of their scheduling. - Shayawn G. on 12/19/2018

Staff was always friendly even when they were slammed. - Anonymous on 12/03/2018

Great - very organized and explained everything in detail. - Carol B. on 11/29/2018

The appointment was very informative and thorough. I didn't know much about Invisalign before I went but understood the process and how it would specifically apply to me before I was done. The staff was very professional and courteous and the office was obviously run very well and with great efficiency. I was very satisfied with the knowledge I gained and exactly what to expect should I decide to move forward. I was extremely impressed with Dr. Powers, especially her long involvement in the development of improved orthodontics. - Julia F. on 11/25/2018

Staff and Dr. Powers made my son very comfortable in his first visit. This helps A LOT with my son being anxious going to the dentist. I love that Dr. Powers explained my options for my son in a detailed manner but not overwhelming, she took time answering all of my questions. I am happy with this visit! - Samuel A. on 11/21/2018

Always friendly staff and professional. - Joseph W. on 11/17/2018

Excellent, professional, and friendly service! - Judy F. on 10/29/2018

Always friendly and never scary. - Sydney F. on 10/16/2018

Great experience! - Anonymous on 10/11/2018

Impressed that Dr. Powers could revise retainers at the appointment with no need to get a new one done.
- Anonymous on 10/08/2018

Professional individuals all. Took time to explain procedures and options, walked me through payment options and were overall very helpful. - Anonymous on 09/18/2018

Everyone is so great at the office. It makes the experience so pleasant. - Anonymous on 09/06/2018

Dr. Powers and her staff do some amazing work. Fortunately I only needed some small movements of my teeth to accommodate some new front crowns. She has pictures on her office wall of truly miraculous transformations of badly out of place teeth into beautiful smiles! She and her staff treat every patient with upmost care and respect in a friendly atmosphere. I thought the cost of my care was reasonable. I highly recommend anyone needing orthodontic care see Smile Power. - Jack C. on 08/23/2018

I really appreciate how friendly and professional you all are. My daughter and I are sad the visits are so few now.
- Gabriella R. on 08/22/2018

Wait time was minimal, which is usually if not always true. The staff are all friendly and professional, from Dr. Powers to the receptionist. Everyone does his or her job well and is knowledgeable and immediately helpful. - Brook K. on 08/13/2018

Staff & Doctor all very helpful. My child was comfortable and not scared. - Anonymous on 08/10/2018

The staff Sara was very, very friendly. Doctor Powers was very friendly and informative. - Brandon K. on 08/09/2018

We had a referral from a school family, then I saw their website, then I walked in and knew this was a place that loves kids and their beautiful, unique smiles. - Milo M. on 07/25/2018

It is always so fun to go Smile Power! Dr. Powers and Staff are a joy to be around. So professional and so friendly all at the same time! I love Smile Power! - Delaney G. on 07/11/2018

We always appreciate their care. - Anonymous on 07/10/2018

Timely, friendly, efficient, professional, competent...could not ask for more! - Barbara W. on 07/04/2018

We have always seen literature in the mail from Dr. Powers so we felt comfortable knowing she was a trusted neighborhood Orthodontist. We scheduled a consult for my daughter and after having 2 other not great ortho experiences, met with Dr. Powers and her staff. Needless to say it was a wonderful experience from start to finish and my daughter is now scheduled for braces!
- Lindsey P. on 06/19/2018

Incredible staff! - Gabriella A. on 06/13/2018

Efficient, professional, kind friendly staff. Because of my situation I was seeking opinions by other orthodontist. I found myself happily returning here. Dr. Powers and team provided care for my eldest son previously, and his case came out phenomenal. I am returning back to have her work her magic for my twins that are are 11. I couldn't be happier and relieved. I appreciated their consideration to have Kleenex boxes at each counter corner along with sanitizer as I am fighting this nasty virus. Dr. Powers is always so sweet and love the fact that she is soooo good at what she does- very matter-a-fact, simple (for her) and concise! What a peace of mind! To anyone searching--- (I am in the dental field)-I think it helps to know great providers--- We are lucky to have her. Thank you! Michelle - Bellisima G. on 06/11/2018

An extremely warm, professional and friendly environment. My appointment was on time. I had several procedures done on my first visit and they were all performed efficiently. I would rate it as my best dental experience. - Anonymous on 05/08/2018

Great - Anonymous on 05/07/2018

I love going to my Orthodontic appointments! The staff is really funny and I see all my friends there too! - Delaney G. on 05/04/2018

Thank you Smile Power! I know I’m in good hands. I can’t wait to see my new smile when my treatment is complete! - Samantha G. on 05/04/2018

Always enjoy my visits to Smile Power! - Diana D. on 05/02/2018

Always awesome! - Ethan P. on 04/26/2018

My daughter's appointment was at 1:20pm. She was called by within 5 minutes of arriving, which was great because she was able to get back to school in no time. The staff was pleasant and welcoming. Dr. Powers is always so personable, sweet, and thorough. We appreciate the care. - Sophia M. on 04/26/2018

Excellent experience as expected from past visit quite some time ago. - Shelley B. on 04/20/2018

Always have a great experience when visiting for my daughter's appointments. Even my two sons, who are not patients, enjoy the time their. Very friendly and informative service. - Anonymous on 04/13/2018

Dr Powers and her entire staff are wonderful! Very friendly and professional office. Dr Powers is very knowledgeable and explains things perfectly. Thank you for the great care with both of my children. - John V. on 04/11/2018

Wonderful experience! - Lillian Y. on 04/11/2018

Friendly staff & thorough evaluation. - Anonymous on 04/03/2018

The people there were kind and helpful. However there were times where I felt like the employees working on my teeth would turn away and talk amongst themselves. It was not much of a problem and did not happen frequently at all, but when it did it was a little discomforting. - Neil O. on 03/30/2018

I get seen on time and they are very efficient and knowledgeable. - Heather W. on 03/29/2018

The staff was courteous, professional, and very efficient! - Michael M. on 02/25/2018

Professional staff, office is fun for the siblings while they wait and, Dr Powers is so friendly and professional. - Olivia W. on 02/16/2018

Good. Sometimes ran late - Anonymous on 02/01/2018

I went for second opinion, and Dr. Powers was extremely helpful. - Nancy D. on 01/26/2018

ALWAYS FRIENDLY EXPERIENCE - Anonymous on 01/19/2018

Dr. Powers is the bomb. Easy with my kid and I appreciate her manner with her staff, always trying to teach them the “hows” and “whys” of what she does. In a lot of years of seeing a lot of doctors and dentists for me and my family, she's really one of the best. - Anonymous on 01/19/2018

Dr. Powers and her staff were outstanding in every way. Dr. Powers is not only a very s killed orthodontist, judging from my results, but also an excellent business woman (my background is in finance and accounting). I met one of her staff, coincidentally, in another setting and it was clear her staff enjoy working for her. Dr. Powers provides them with good benefits. This makes her practice efficient and benefits her clients. I chose to pay for her services in advance to avoid finance charges and there were time limits in her written agreement. I had other medical issues that extended the time of my treatment and yet I was never asked for additional amounts. I give Smile Power my most enthusiastic recommendation! - Jack C. on 01/16/2018

My son loves Dr. Powers - Daniel M. on 01/16/2018

Very professional and always helpful. - Anonymous on 01/10/2018

Everyone on staff at Powers Ortho are top notch. Dr Powers is the Go-To for any of your Ortho needs! - Kanye M. on 01/02/2018

Efficient and professional. My child never minds going to the orthodontist. - Anonymous on 12/24/2017

Great! - Olivia V. on 12/22/2017

We always receive excellent service at Smile Power Orthodontics. - Anonymous on 12/11/2017

We love Dr. Powers' office! Always easy to work with and kind to patients. - Anonymous on 11/17/2017

This is a new relationship for us, but off to a phenomenal start! So helpful on billing arrangements and unbelievably patient with a very anxious kiddo. Thank you so much! - Anonymous on 11/15/2017

The people were so nice and wonderful! And I could tell it was the right place to take my child! - Anonymous on 11/10/2017

You all are fantastic!! - Gabriella R. on 11/07/2017

Always the best ‘ Dr Power and her staff are just beyond of greatness. Everything went smooth with my treatment . My both daughters are patients of Dr. Power too .Exelemte , knowledgeable and friendly. I’m not just pleased with my results I’m blown away. Keep making all your patients happy for many years . Thank you for everything - Martina K. on 11/03/2017

Friendly & professional and my teeth look great! - Gabri