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At Smile Power Orthodontics, we believe everyone deserves the feeling of confidence that comes from having a great smile. That's why we're committed to making that happen for patients young and old, through a variety of expert orthodontics services like Invisalign and Invisalign Teen. As your Walnut Creek orthodontist, we've seen countless patients achieve the smile of their dreams through Invisalign in Walnut Creek. We invite you to discover the magic of Invisalign by visiting the following pages for everything you need to know about this innovative, effective treatment.

Invisalign—Get perfectly straight teeth without braces! Invisalign in Walnut Creek allows patients to achieve the beautiful smile of their dreams with a completely removable and barely noticeable treatment. Convenient, comfortable, and most of all effective—Invisalign aligners are truly the orthodontic treatment of the modern day. Learn all about Invisalign and how it works!

Invisalign Teen—Designed specifically with teenagers in mind, Invisalign Teen is exactly the same as Invisalign, but with a few added features to makes teens' lives easier. Learn all about Invisalign Teen and give your teenager the best of both worlds!

Invisalign FAQ—Get answers to your most burning questions about Invisalign, before you even visit your Walnut Creek orthodontist. Our Invisalign FAQ page will provide you with in-depth information on everything you want to know about treatment—like how long you'll need to wear the aligners, what to expect as you adjust, and much more.

Before & After Photos—Invisalign really works, and the results are stunning! But don't take our word for it—see real results from patients just like you with these before and after photos. 

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