The Orthodontist’s Office Is Scheduled to open May 4th with new changes related to the “Cover Your Face” order.

The Orthodontist’s Office Is Scheduled to open May 4th with new changes related to the “Cover Your Face” order.
Posted on 04/24/2020

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The Orthodontist’s Office Is Scheduled to open May 4th with new changes related to the “Cover Your Face” order.

Dr. powers

by Dr. Powers on April 22nd, 2020

As the shelter in place order is set to expire May 3rd in Contra Costa County, Smile Power Orthodontics is set to reopen and is categorized as an “essential business”. As we expect a high demand for the appointments, we will be as accommodating as possible to get each person scheduled. We look forward to meeting with you in person and ensuring your treatment and orthodontic health are protected.

For Your Protection.

Your clinical Smile Power Team is already trained in infection control protocols using PPE (personal protective equipment), uses EPA approved surface cleaners, instrument sterilization and immediate disposal of one time use products. We have already implemented advanced social distancing and furthered environmental surface protections to protect visitors and team moving forward including: no visitor chairs in the clinic, closed kids areas and the check in is verbal rather than utilizing a keyboard.

Press Release - Contra Costa Health Officer Issues New "Cover Your Face" Order

Effective Wednesday, April 22, a new health order in Contra Costa County requires anyone working at or visiting an essential business, to wear face coverings to help reduce the spread of COVID-19.

The order does not require children 12 and younger to wear masks. We will be inviting just the scheduled patient into the office and they must be wearing face coverings age 13 and older while awaiting their appointment, observe social distancing and observe hand hygiene upon entry and exit to the building. Any patient with symptoms of Covid-19 or other illness are to remain home and observe a 14 day delay in visiting the office.

Face coverings can be anything made of cloth, fabric or other permeable material that covers the nose and mouth and the lower part of the face. Medical-grade masks are not required. Masks with one-way valves for easy breathing do not qualify as face coverings under the order because they can release respiratory droplets into the surrounding air.

Visit to read the order or for more information about COVID-19. Visit the Centers for Disease and Control for video instructions to make and use cloth face coverings.

Using Technology.

A young lady using a computerThe great news for orthodontic treatment is that we have been working diligently in the background to set-up and have now successfully implemented Telehealth checkups using Zoom. With a video check-in, we can assist with resupply items such as Invisalign trays and elastics. We can assess compliance with devices and recommend a follow-up schedule for when the office is open. I appreciate the family members helping to take photos for better assessment. As privacy is a priority, we implemented a security password and waiting room. Thank you.

Keeping Treatment on Track.

Someone holding a lollipop next t their smileThe best way to keep your treatment on track is to wear those elastics, devices and not break any braces. The most common reason we see treatment delayed is two simple things: not wearing elastics and not wearing Invisalign trays as recommended. Protect your teeth keeping them clean and avoid those sticky and hard foods that can break brackets and devices.

Smiles Ahead.

Two people "shaking elbows" instead of hands.We know that a big part of successful orthodontic treatment is keeping appointments to monitor treatment and make necessary adjustments. We are looking forward to continuing to be your partner in orthodontic health care.


The New Smile Power Building.

The new SmilePower building lobbyWe are asked a lot about the new office. Although we have experienced delays due to the effects of Coronavirus, we are looking forward to the opening very soon with exciting features such as antibacterial medical grade surfaces, touchless water faucets, HEPA hand dryers, and seven feet spacing between clinical chairs exceeding requirements including a private treatment room. I

It is a beautiful state-of-the-art building we are proud to share with you. We will have the same technology you have come to expect from us such as a 3D digital x-ray imaging center and scanning technology.

Look forward to visiting our digital laboratory with 3D printers and the implementation of a community training program for orthodontic technicians. The future looks bright and we look forward to sharing it with you.

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